The Sleeping Jesus.

I can imagine what it was like on that day; full grown men crying like babies, moving frantically around the boat only for one to see Jesus still sleeping, run to Him and be like; Hey boss! You better do something or we’re all gonna die! (See Like 8:22-25).

You most likely would have heard sermons from this portion of scripture with captions like ‘IS JESUS SLEEPING IN YOUR BOAT? Wake Him up’ or ‘AWAKEN THE SLEEPING JESUS IN YOU’

Though I believe their sincere goal was to emphasize the importance of prayers, especially in trying times. But that isn’t God’s emphasis there.  
After calming the storm, you’d think Jesus would give them a tap on the back for beckoning on Him. He rather sternly upbraided them ” where is your faith? “. Rather than His sleep being interrupted by teary faces, He was expecting to be awakened to the testimony of how they engaged the deposits He had been imputing in them and put the situation under check.

Even though it’s there, and we emphasis it in different ways (in songs, movies and sermons) that Jesus has power over the storms facing our lives, the more important point we often miss is that if you’re accurately following God’s curriculum for your life in the school of the Spirit, by now some storms should not even qualify as prayer points with which you bombard heaven. 

Learn to put all you’ve learnt into practice and exercise the authority you have in Christ (in it’s right context).

So, next time, before you consider awakening the sleeping Jesus with your tears, remember the question ” where is your faith?”.

God bless you!


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