Me, God, a Gate and a Padlock

As we walked towards the gate, with a host of others soon following behind, we came to a halt when we noticed there was a locked padlock hinged on the bolt part of the gate. “Oh, it’s locked, who is with the keys?” These were the words that began to echo through the crowd as the numbers continued to build up.

After standing under the scorching sun for several minutes, a young man pulled out of the waiting crowd and walked toward the gate. On getting to the gate he paused for a moment, then turned back to us and shouted ” the gate is not even locked!” 

Chai! So I have just been wasting my time here!: were the toughts that popped up in my mind.

God had just practically taught me a lesson. “That a door I have shown you seems locked doesn’t mean it’s the wrong door. Approach it and proceed on that path, it would surely open up for you”. The second lesson was: Do not follow the opinion of the crown. Believe God’s report alone.
There was no opening for Apostle Paul in Troas until he came to Troas (see 2Cor. 2:12). The door that opened to him would have remained shut if he stayed away.
The children of Israel were asked to march foward towards the red sea before it was parted to reveal dry land (see Ex.14:15-16).
The waters of the Jordan river didn’t part until the feet of the priests bearing the Ark had stepped in (see Joshua 3).

Has God layed a vision in your heart that seems impossible? Or an instruction to follow that seems like a dead end? Here’s a word for you: Move out in faith, you’d be surprised the gate wasn’t locked after all.

God bless you.


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