A major event I looked forward to during my primary schooling years was the yearly inter-house sport competition. Probably because it was the one school activity that didn’t seem to have anything to do with writing or sitting quietly on a spot. To me, it was pure fun and an avenue for adventure.

Asides seeing my own sport group win the various fields and track competitions, highly anticipated was the PARENTS / GUARDIANS RACE. It was a sight for sore eyes: the one opportunity we got to watch parents scamper along a 50m race course.

Dad’s of course were more athletic (some obviously seeking opportunity to relive their old experiences). But more exhilarating to watch was the race by mothers. Oh…
As cheers from both teachers and students motivated some of our ever well dressed mothers to step up to the start-up line, soon followed by a startling silence to hear the call “ON YOUR MARKS! SET!” “FRUhhhhhh!” We saw our loving mothers leap towards victory as the initial silence becomes abruptly drowned by boisterous sound waves pregnant with delight and support.

The peak of that race for some of us was not in seeing whose mother first crossed the finish line, but whose wouldn’t.

It was a constant occurance that a few seconds into the race, at least one woman would kiss the dust: a sorry yet funny sight to behold.
Though they dropped their handbags and took off some other personal effects like shoes and head-ties before stepping on the race track, the weight and structure of their wrappers or bogus skirts alone were still sufficient to cause their fall.
Here’s a scriptural prescription to avoid such scenarios as we run our God ordained race (see my previous post):
“..,let us lay aside every weight…”  Hebrews 12:1.

Even as you’ve stepped on the race track, conduct a proper check. What weight haven’t you dropped? Is it a T.V show, a friend, a traditional belief, love for all sorts of movies, time spent on the phone, sleep, eating habits, low self esteem…

In this times when there is the utmost need to labour earnestly in the place of prayer and intercession for our land, could that weight be sentiments or affiliations towards any political party or figure?
Ask God for Grace to lay it/them aside today, and you’re on your way to RUNNING YOUR RACE STEADFASTLY..

Thanks for reading. God bless you!


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