Appetite check and checkmate.

and put a knife to your throat if thou be a man given to appetite. Proverbs 23:2.

The preceding and proceeding verses of this scripture makes reference to food as the object of the appetite as spoken of here. It would of course be out of place to pick up a knife and slit your throat as a checkmate for your seemingly uncontrollable cravings for food. This suggests that there is a deeper meaning encrypted into this proverb.

The throat is the channel through which the appetite for food is satisfied. It is the intermediary between the food (which is the object of desire) and the stomach. “Put a knife to your throat” would therefore imply that you severe the channel through which those inordinate cravings for food are satisfied.

The general wisdom principle in this is; insomuch as God has made Grace available for you to live above inordinate desires, you also have the responsibility of cutting off the things that fuel them.

You can’t be looking up to God for the manifestation of the victory He secured through Jesus for you over the bondages of  alcoholism and pornography but still escort your old drinking buddies to pubs with the intention that you’d only order for soft drinks or water while they drink as much alcohol as they want. Or still open yourself to movies with explicit content with the mindset that you’d turn your face away when such scenes come up. Friend, stop living in deception!

God has secured the victory over every form of bondages and addiction for you in Christ. But for this to become a reality in your life, you have to latch onto God and His provision while staying seperate from anything that seeks to resurrect your old man.

The strategy  is clear and simple. Put a knife to your throat!

Evaluate your life today. Identify what represents the throat that serves the stomach of your lust (whether an ungodly relationship, long hours on the internet, watching movies, visits to pubs, keeping unygodly company,.. You know what it exactly is in your life). Key into God’s grace and cut them off no matter how painful it may appear to be, and your victory over them is established.
Most importantly, God’s word makes it clear that an addiction is checked by replacing it with another addiction (Just like in evicting a demon, the space has to be filled up with something else, to prevent the return of demons. See Matthew 12:43-45). Therefore, get addicted to God by His Spirit through prayer and His word, and you’re sure to be fine.

Nothing that God has for you can be appropriated in your life except you first have opened up the door of your life to receive Jesus Christ as a response to His gentle knock you hear on the door of your heart.

God loves you and has paid the price for your freedom by sending His only begotten Son: Jesus Christ to die in your place as a propitiation for your sins. Accept His love for you through Christ today by clicking the link below and following the instructions

Accept God’s love for you through Christ.

God bless you!


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