I’m curious.Does God create superhumans?

Batman, Antman, Aquaman, Spiderman, Iron man, Catwoman,Wolfboy, Wonder woman, Superman: characters portrayed in movie series and sequels with which a lot of us in this generation (especially the children and youths) are rather quite familiar, seem to engrave in our consciousness that there are supernatural realms of functionality available to man (but only a selected or fortunate few); a benignly distorted version of reality as ordained by God.
After a while of being opened up to this subject matter, I felt the need to do a little search through scriptures, and it was rather surprising to find out that the word “supernatural” is found NOWHERE in the entire pages of scripture, which raises the question of it’s origin.

It may seem like I’m just making a mountain out of a fragile ant-hill, but I still stand by the view that the word “Supernatural” was not included in the compendium of KINGDOM vocabulary as handed to us by Christ Jesus and the first Apostles.

The term “Super-natural” portrays a heightened version of the natural, which is characterized by metaphysical realities, which are to say the least; demeaning of our true elevated status as believers.

This educational strategies sponsored by the world are concious attempts to limit and divert us from functioning in our true potential and capabilities, since it is glaring that the realities of the Divine cannot be refuted, even by science. Rather than discard it (which they cannot) their goal is to therefore distort it.

So, it’s not uncommon to visit a home (even that of a pastor) and see the little children running around with capes (or their mum’s wrappers) like Superman or trying to leap on walls with the fantasy of being able to function with the abilities of a spider. At a point in time the Ben-Ten personality (fictional) who has the ability to transform into ten different alien lifeforms to suite the given situatuon won the heart of children. 

Rather than focus on living in spiritual realities, we are being educated to focus on far lower metaphysical possibilities.

God has not called us to function in the Supernatural but in the Spiritual.

Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature… 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Gods’ agenda for sending Christ was not to upgrade the old man and make us better men, but to make us Christs. I’m not an upgraded version of the natural man, I’m a whole new creature, entirely of the God kind.

So it’s therefore simple. God doesn’t make Supernatural men, He makes them Spiritual.

Beware! Don’t get caught in this web of deception.

There is a cry in the spirit for Kingdom educators who would flow with the burden of seeing that the TRUTH is upheld in every sector of our existence. Let your life be a channel.

Thanks and God bless!

Photo credit: Google photos.


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