How about Love at first sight?

There are many opinions as to the possibilty and genuineness of love emanating from meeting a person for the first time, porpularly known as “love at first sight”.

At this point, I think it’s important for me to clarify here that I’m talking of ‘Love’ as God defines it, not from the world’s perspective (lust).

Since the standard of God remains that every experience should be viewed and weighed from the stand point of His word, let’s delve into what the scriptures have to teach us on this issue.

Contained in the tenth Chapter of the book of Mark is an interesting account of one of Jesus’ experience. He came in contact with a pious young man for the first time and it was recorded so;

And Jesus beholding him loved him…

Mark 10:21.

The word translated as love in this passage is “agapao” meaning  “to welcome”, “to love dearly”, “ to be pleased with”.

Two lessons to learn from this verse of scripture are as follows:

  • Setting your focus and attention on a thing or person, can trigger and arouse affection towards that thing or person. So, be careful what and who you pay attention.

It’s normal human nature that you can become attracted to someone on your first time of meeting. There is therefore no cause for alarm if you sometimes do. Just as Jonathan was pleased with David and his brilliant countenance when he set his attention to hear David speak on their first time of meeting which was the foundation of their lifelong friendship (see 1 Sam. 17:58-18:4).

  • Being attracted to a charming and pleasing persona isn’t a wise enough reason to form a bond with him/her.

    Jesus wasn’t so quick to invite the young man written of in the tenth chapter of the book of Mark to join Him on His life journey or partner with His ministry. He first tried to ensure that everything that posed to be potentially deleterious to His life and ministry was checked before taking any step further.

    But it would surprise you to know that the young man was quick to desert him and never met him again in life (see Mark 10:21-22). That was a clear indication that he probably would have disappointed Jesus at a time when Jesus would have needed his contribution most.

    Many people, even believers, get into partnerships, relationships, marriages and other forms of union, only to end up suffering severe emotional and psychological damage because they don’t subject their feelings to test by the Word and Spirit of God.

    Not everyone is who they appear or profess to be at first. The Scriptures state it clearly that some are ravening wolves in sheep clothings (see Matt. 7:15). Feelings are usually not good platforms for makeing wise judgements about people.

    In conclusion, I’m of the opinion that ‘love at first sight’ is kinda possible, but its not a solid and genuine foundation on which to build a lasting relationship. Always let God guide you through His word and His Spirit and have the final say in your relationships.

    Feel free to share your contributions on this subject as seen from God’s word in the comment section.

    God bless you!


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