Sowers get seeds while Eaters get bread.



You probably have at one point in time tried to answer the self asked question as to why people who live their lives engaging in all sorts of recklessness and immoralities still get to live comfortable lives while some so called do-gooders still suffer despite their pure lifestyle. Is God wicked to allow these? No!, He’s Definitely not.
But that’s a broad issue to explain, so let’s just narrow it down for now.
An answer to that question would be that Life operates on definite principles, if you satisfy the requirements of a principle, its benefits are opened up to you.
Let’s take for example, if you plant seeds of maize in the ground, whether you’re a drug dealer or a thief, all things being equal, it would yield maize cobs in the near future, but no matter how righteous you are, the earth will never give you anything in return and die of hunger if you don’t obey the general principles of sowing and then reaping.
This brings us to take a look at a very important principle:
For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:.. Isaiah 55:10.(emphasis added).
In life, if your focus is on self satisfaction alone without due consideration of others outside who are in need, you are guaranteed to live a life that is only sufficient to sustain yourself, and at best your immediate family, with little or nothing extra (living from hand to mouth) [EATER]. But a man whose focus is on sowing into the life of others whether with his substance, finances or otherwise will always get more seeds to sow [SOWER].
Now, take note that the seed contains more than it seems.
Within the seed is the potential/ resource for the bread. The bread is in the seed, which means you would have the bread to sustain yourself and a lot more of extra to continue giving out and reinvesting for your future.
Giving brings life. Want to know one of the main reason’s the Dead Sea is named so? Its because it has virtually no appreciable amount of life activity in it. It keeps collecting from others (rivers, streams lakes etc.) but never gives out.


Those who give freely gain even more; others hold back what they owe, becoming even poorer. Proverbs 11:24.

If you really want to rise beyond the level of having barely enough to sustain yourself, cultivate the habit of giving (sowing seeds) because it would always come back, but in a fruit form, from which you take out more seeds to sow.
Or, stick with your bread and keep on struggling to see where the next loaf comes from.
And speaking of giving, giving your life over to God is the best investment you can make in life as the benefits are best experienced than said. If you would love to make this decision today, please follow the link below.
Give your life over to God.
God bless you!


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